About Transpire OK

Transpire Oklahoma, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) organization started in October 2018 in Tulsa, Oklahoma with the government nipping at its heels trying to erase the identity of many individuals by banning transgender people from the military and threatening to erase the existence of many by defining sex as the binary male or female. For all those that are intersex, transgender, or non-binary, there’s a world out there that is less than allowing for them. Transpire OK will be filling a gap of which no other entity in the state of Oklahoma fills for the transgender community. In 2014, there were upwards of 37,798 transgender people in the state of Oklahoma according to Williams Institute statistical calculations (Flores 2016). Transpire Oklahoma, Inc., expects to serve a majority of these individuals in the various programs it will offer.

Transpire Oklahoma’s mission is to transform and inspire Oklahoma through gender education, medical and legal assistance for the transgender community, and services that support the well-being of all those on the gender spectrum.

Our four-pronged purpose is as follows:

  1. Dispel stereotypes and myths about gender.
  2. Promote health and well-being.
  3. Foster independence and self-esteem.
  4. Facilitate social interaction and involvement in community life.

Transpire OK’s strategy and future campaigns include:

Transcript – Provides copays and medical fees for those in need. Covers copays and appointment fees, medications, and lab tests. Will support an in-house injection clinic as well.

  • Medical fee assistance to include surgeries and prescriptions as well as doctor visits and associated costs
  • Work with doctors to possibly create discounts and lower rates as well as alliances and referrals

Transcribe – Provides education on self-appointed court filing and fees related to name and sex marker changes for participants.

  • Educational clinics for preparation of paperwork and court filing
  • Legal fee assistance for name changes and gender markers
  • Possible referral network to allow for discounts

Transparent – Supplies rides and volunteers to provide care after surgeries, companions for appointments and events.

  • Clients can make appointments to have volunteers accompany them or provide check-in services after surgery
  • Ride service for appointments

Transformative – Educates the community on gender spectrum and transgender issues. Includes corporate training in inclusivity.

  • Education through video, podcasts, social media, seminars (individual and business). Print material will be available.
  • Weekly support groups and classes for basic skills.

Transfiguration – Provides clothing, grooming, and makeup services for members of the community.

  • Salon services in-house by appointment to community; booking can be done via website
  • Make-up and facial grooming classes, both day and night classes weekly
  • Blog with tips and tricks, as well as class material review
  • Clothing donation and in-house clothing closet