Transpire OK’s first community action was the creation of our program Transcribe, a legal assistance program that provides support, education, and assistance with fees for individuals working to access legal name and gender marker changes, which has paid to change the names and gender markers for those that cannot afford it. Transpire OK made the decision early on to provide filing information and paperwork online to all those who need it. This has resulted in the ability for individuals to change name and gender markers statewide.  

Along with this program, we’ve added necessary resources during the pandemic to include a clothing closet, first aid kits, period products, and most recently, shelf-stable food items with the partnership of the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. With continued funding, Transpire OK is working to incorporate new programs and extend geographic reach outside of Tulsa county. 

Upcoming programs include:

Transformative – Education by the trans community for the trans community and our allies.

Transcript – Assistance with the cost of appointments, medications, and lab tests. This program will also support in-house injection clinics through volunteer support.

Transfiguration – Professional grooming, make-up services and training for folks who want help with gender expression.

Transparent – Community support for individuals seeking gender affirmation treatment(s), appointments, and events.