Siren Sorail-Fanning
Founder and Executive Director
Any Pronouns

With a long career in design and marketing consultation, Siren has worked with both nonprofit organizations and local businesses to achieve goals. As a nonbinary individual, they soon realized the gaps in assistance for many trans and gender expansive individuals. They decided to do more to create inclusion and much needed services in our community putting a specific emphasis on BIPOC and youth. “Our future lies with these individuals that are constantly being overlooked and underestimated.” Siren has earned a Master in Learning and Development and is finishing up a Master in Nonprofit Management and Resources.


Our board members include individuals who have a rich history in advocating for the community and a background in philanthropy. Each board member volunteers extensive time to the organization while working towards other goals simultaneously to make ends meet in their personal lives. Their dedication is honorable as they have worked to lift up the organization and encourage its growth while working with groups to improve the conditions for not only our community but for other marginalized groups as well.