Name/Gender Changes

You can download paperwork for legal name and gender changes in Tulsa county below. This template should be applicable anywhere in the state of Oklahoma. If you have a problem with this template in your county, please let us know at Please note that filing fees vary per county and some require a portion of payment in cash for the required newspaper notification. Tulsa county is currently $190.14 for name change, gender marker changer, or a combination of name and gender change.

We’re also continually creating a list of Pauper Affidavits for individual counties that, when filed with the name/gender change, will allow for impoverished individuals to forego legal filing fees and pay nothing to file. Also, the Oklahoma Equality Center now provides a scholarship program for name and gender marker changes.

Legal Paperwork

* Things to Consider While Filling Out Your Paperwork

If you are making a gender change and were born in a state other than Oklahoma, please check birth certificate requirements of your state to ensure you have the proper wording. The National Center for Transgender Equality has done an excellent job of providing this information at

Pauper Affidavits

Tulsa County: You are still required to pay for the ad in the paper, which is $36.00 in Tulsa county. You must file the affidavit first and get a judge’s approval before filing paperwork. Only the original pink copy provided by the Tulsa Court Clerk must be used. You can pick it up on the second floor in the county courthouse.

If you have any information on name and gender marker changes or experiences you want others to know, please let us know by emailing